Wednesday, 14 March 2012

10 brave things I will do one day (maybe)...

All of the below make me fearful just thinking about them:

1) Eat a piece of stinky French cheese (it's stinky for a reason, because it's full of mould! Yet the French go mad for it. I must be missing something.)

2) Initiate conversation with a stranger at a party (I'm not good at small talk so this seems near impossible, but perhaps its a social skill I should have learnt by now)

3) Sing in public (I find it hard enough to talk in public, but the thought of singing in front of people is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat. But maybe it would be really good fun?)

4) Audition for a play (ditto above)

5) Learn to dive underwater (it's so unnatural to trust something you carry on your back for oxygen. I've seen the Abyss, I know the dangers. But it must be so amazing down there and I love looking at fish)

6) Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge (I'm sure the views are magnificent but I probably wouldn't be able to look down anyway)

7) Abseil down something tall (this would have to be as a result of an emergency scenario with abseiling being the only way out)

8) Journey overseas on my own (I've flown a few times now but I still get lost in airport departure lounges and I don't like the thought of being in a plane without Dr X as he obviously has magical properties which keep the plane in the air no matter what.)

9) Wild camp in the Rainforest (I love the thought of being close to nature, seeing the amazing birds and butterflies, but the thought of poisonous creatures sharing my sleeping bag would keep me awake all night)

10) Go on a roller-coaster ride again (I did this once as a teenager and was so scared I started screaming 'let me off, let me off!'. Now when we go to adventure parks I have to wait while others go and have fun. Is it worth trying again?)