Saturday, 21 April 2012

A tale of two sisters

Does my bum look big in this? (Answer - Yes)
Surveying the Queendom

Yes? Can I help you?

I started out in life with just one sister, now through a cruel twist of fate (aka my mother's sense of humour), I have two. One is hairy with pointy ears, a wet nose and a propensity for self-serving indulgent behaviour; the other is less hirsute and considerably more fragrant.

I became aware that something was up in the sibling pecking order when my mum started referring to me as her number 2 daughter. That's fine I thought - I am the youngest and came second in the sibling timeline. There's probably no need to put it in writing on cards though but whatever. However things darkened when I visited home and she started ordering me to take care of my 'little sister'. My what?? Thoughts of parental betrayal at hiding a younger sibling from me for all these years flashed through my mind.  Before I'd gnashed away my teeth it became clear that my new 'little sister' was none other than the devious hairy hound (mentioned previously here). Quite how this one-trick, mousey breathed, flea-bitten doglet had managed to worm it's way into my mum's affections was beyond me.

Nonetheless my visit was punctuated by filling up water bowls, serving it's special diet on a gilded platter, playing ball (and having my hand snapped at when we both went for it at the same time) and having to give up the best seat near the fire...

What I'm now wondering is which one of my sisters is the number 1 daughter? I think I'll leave it for them to fight it out though.

Do you have a problem with sibling rivalry?