Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Christmas wish list...

Photo from Maddie On Things
I don't want too much for Christmas, but the following would be much appreciated:

  • Good health for all of my family and friends
  • Peace (all over the world)
  • Joy (for everyone)
That about wraps it up for me.

One had a most enjoyable week-end...

A few weeks ago Dr X and I had the pleasure of visiting Windsor Castle. Luckily we arrived early in the morning and Dr X had pre-ordered the tickets as the queues were already significantly long. There was a security scanner to pass through which felt like being at the airport and the security guards had scary looking weapons. We found out later that the Queen was also in residence.

Windsor Castle is very pretty but also really, really large!

It's very well maintained
and guarded by fierce looking creatures... 

This one looked more cold than fierce!

The royal cat was taking a stroll and keeping an eye out for any royal mice.

The cat wasn't too happy that I was sitting on the step soaking up the sun.

I managed to convince the RC that there was space on the step for both of us!

Dr X refused to be enticed into the royal gift shop.

There's lots to see inside the Castle walls. Queen Mary's Dolls House was amazing but you can't take photos of it.

We waved goodbye to the Castle and went to explore the rest of Windsor. In the town centre, there's a cute cafe which uses part of an old train for seating. 

Windsor is well worth a visit, but it's not cheap and gets very crowded so pre-booking is advisable! One had a spiffing time.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Just my usual Sunday...

I woke up to the aftermath of heavy rain and flooded roads...

I bundled up warmly for my Sunday walk to Church. It was bitingly cold and gusty as I pushed through the glass doors into my secret garden. 

Out through the locked gate...

and onto the cliff top. There was no one around.

I love my birds eye view of the beach, the tiny huts and the swollen waves.

I negotiated my way down the beach steps, hoping I wouldn't drop my camera.

The waves looked fiercer the closer I got.

 The sand was piled up over the groynes.

No lifeguards on duty today. Only the most foolhardy gnarly would be out in these turbulent seas...

Wait, some strange beasts had been here before me...

I saw some natives and decided to go closer to investigate.

I took an indirect route so as not to arouse their suspicion...

As I got closer I could see that there was a whole tribe of them, who were these strange mysterious seal-like people?

A silver haired male was plunging out through the waves to join them.

A younger one came hobbling in with an injury.

They looked like they were trying to control the sea with their magic.

Their primitive form of communication was left on the sand for others to wonder at...

By late afternoon the seal people's magic had done the trick and the sea was calm once more.

I love Sundays by the sea.