Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Camping!

The Swiss cows decided that this week-end they would cut loose from the city, grab their camper van and look for some campfire pow-wow opportunities  with their buddies in a secluded location:

They found a perfect spot with a pond
The first guests arrive
Mama Swiss Cow fixes herself up in the van
Everyone tries to remember the words to their favourite campfire song
Time to get the veggie sausages on the camp fire
Thanks to the Curiosity Group for this amazing little camping set up (there's actually a calendar for the month of July on the other side of the van) and special thanks to Dr X for taking the time to do all the fiddly folding, cutting and gluing tasks to put this together. We both know that I suck at those kind of activities.

Happy Week-End everyone! Xxxx

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