Sunday, 17 July 2011

We're Moooving

After months of waiting & hoping, DIYing, tidying & cleaning, opening up our home to visits, we have finally sold our house and now just have a few days to go until we move into our interim flat. Our longer-term flat (just up the hill from the beach, yippee!) isn't available until September, so for a couple of months over the summer we have rented a holiday let which is also near the sea. Just a few minutes away from the top of the cliffs. It won't be much of a hardship to live there!

However before that happens, there now needs to be more tidying and packing (my least favoured task) and streamlining. This morning I did a ruthless audit of my clothes, bearing in mind the adage that you tend to only use  / wear 20% of your possessions. This is certainly true for me, I had a huge number of t-shirts I never wear (some over 15 years old). It was time to bag them up for charity. I also threw away haf a drawer full of socks that had more holes than material. What is the matter with me? Why do I keep such junk. Sorting through my books comes next.  More stuff for charity will follow no doubt. It's good to streamline your life every now and then - you find things you've forgotten about and it's a chance to give things to others who can make use of them.

So, there isn't likely to be much blogging over the next week or so. I'm not sure what the internet access will be like in the holiday let. Time for tea I think. xx

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