Sunday, 5 February 2012

The month of LOVE

Dr X and I first started going out in the month of February, many years ago. It was a few days before Valentines. Our first kiss happened on a pier. The sea is a romantic place to get together! February has always been the most romantic months for me ever since, so in that spirit here's  a few romantic links you might enjoy:

Let British Airways' Cupid help you find a romantic week-end
Looking for a romantic movie - check out this list with reviews and trailers
Let Jaymie make you a custom made Valentine's Day card - such a cute idea
Find out about romance in the Middle Ages
How to make your own Valentine's bouquet of flowers
The beautiful proposal in Twilight
And finally, the most romantic love song ever (16 weeks at no. 1!)

Happy Valentine's everyone xx


Anonymous said...

I'll be back in March...


Starryeyed said...

The month of love is more than just romantic love! xx