Monday, 30 May 2011

Dear Mr Slug & Mrs Snail

Thank you for your continued presence in my garden despite the regular offers of the  attractive re-location package which have been made to you since May. I'm very glad that you have chosen my garden and particularly the raspberry ripple geranium patch for your summer home. I hope you have enjoyed the regular turn-over of plants from the bargain section of the garden centre. Hey they were going to die anyway so no hard feelings.
I was particularly touched to find Mrs Snail giving birth to some lovely shiny snail eggs in my carrot patch. I hope they enjoyed the free Disney Water world type experience I provided for them later that afternoon.
I've been trying to persuade the local bird population to visit my garden more often as I'm sure you'd love to have some adrenaline rushes in your otherwise dull days. Failing that my husband is French and I recently saw him buying some garlic, butter and parsley so I'm confident that he will be inviting you to dinner soon.
Take care now xxx

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