Monday, 30 May 2011

Slugulus giganticulus

Yesterday while visiting Brownsea Island I saw the largest slug ever seen by womankind. It was almost the size of my hiking boot and was jet black. It remained stationary whilst Dr X took a photo of it, with my boot next to it as as evidence of it's awesome size, but I was aware that at any moment it could probably crush me like a bug. Brownsea is of course where the first Scout movement was started by Baden-Powell and then subsequently spread to a large number of other countries. We passed by their campsite and were impressed by the provisions they had neatly stocked up for later. Climbing up a slope I spotted a giant fire-pit ready for the evening ghost tales around the fire. I hoped the slug would put in a guest appearance.

P.s just before writing this blog a giant winged beast flew against my window and then crawled along it, searching no doubt for an entry point. I am clearly a magnet to freakish beasty things at the moment.

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