Monday, 30 May 2011

Do not read Little Women...

  • If you are prone to getting misty eyed and have run out of tissues - the weepies started for me in the first chapter, well before anyone got sick or died,
  • If you have a habit for picking up Americanisms as you may end up calling your mum 'Marmee', which will probably annoy her,
  • If you secretly wish you had been born in 19th century America so that you could dress up in gowns, go to balls and be doted on by young men called Teddy - coming back to the 21st century will be a disappointment,
  • If you are ham handed at anything delicate and practical as you will want to mend  some poor man's socks and then realise that you can't sew or even know what darning a sock means.

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