Monday, 30 May 2011

iPad vs Filofax

I have had a passion for Filofaxes since I was a young kid. Before I could afford a proper one I used to make my own out of bits of cardboard, scraps of paper and shoe-laces. Some of my friends did this too and we sort of had an informal Filofax club. Kind of embarrassing really. I now have a small collection which I use on a semi regular basis - a Winchester one which my mum got me when I was a teenager, yes I was the envy of my classmates with that one. This now looks after my archived memories from my teenage years. I also have a sporty version which I use for my bible study notes, an A5 version I use in the office and to fake efficiency in meetings and lastly a very nice burgundy pimlico which is the only one I actually purchased myself as the others were gifts.
But now the iPad has entered my life and I fear the gradual demise of my treasured paper based organisers. I did a quick weight check and the iPad is only marginally heavier than my pimlico yet the amount of information it can store is incomparable. Given the amount of multi-functional uses I can get from my pad there's really no contest which one I'm going to be carrying around with me and taking on holiday.
Sorry filofax - you will always be my first love. Xxxx

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