Wednesday, 19 October 2011

11 reasons why Dr X is so great!

1) He takes really great photos which I use on my blog (and pretend are mine)
2) He's the 2nd best cook in the world
3) His mum is the best cook in the world and always makes me a perfect gratin when I visit
4) He gives me lifts everywhere without complaining
5) He provides interest free loans with a long-term payment plan (ha ha  he'll never see his money again)
6) He helps out around the house (ok, more than helps out)
7) He sorts out my Excel / Word / PowerPoint problems
8) He knows how to convert Euros into pounds and doesn't mind explaining it to me again, and again and again
9) He fixes stuff I break, cleans my shoes, sews up rips on my clothes, puts buttons back on etc
10) He watches romantic movies with me without complaining (although he does sometimes fall asleep)
11) He never gets cross even when I break his stuff or call him names or wash his USB key by mistake (he did leave it in the pocket of his jeans...)

What a great chap! I started trying to put together a list for him about me but got stuck for inspiration. Does making tea for someone when they don't want it count??


nowondiversion said...

Are you trying to blame Dr X for the squirrel photos?

Starryeyed said...

Ha ha, no some of the photos are actually mine. He wouldn't waste his time on that type of photography.