Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dear Me

Just wanted to say a big WELL DONE YOU for riding your bike to work today. So what if you were a little slow and got off to push up the hills, it's the effort that counts. Perhaps it wasn't wise to try and face off a truck on the roundabout, but you showed him who was boss. And you are right, pedestrians are stupid and will step out into the road without remembering to use their green cross code training. Good job you were going so slow else there would have been some serious injuries. Next time you could try ringing your bell instead of yelling, but that's your choice.

It would be nice if the town could invest in cycle lanes so that they don't abruptly end in the middle of busy roads. Sure, some people do have the middle of W____ Avenue as their final destination, but others want to go all the way through it. 

Cars probably were surprised by you swerving into the road to avoid riding over the prickly conkers, but hey tyre protection has to come first. Perhaps you'll remember to use some arm signals tomorrow when turning into a new road and maybe you could try riding up the first bit of the hill, just to build up some stamina. But don't sweat it too much, Dr X will be back soon to give you a lift again. 


nowondiversion said...

Does your mum know you've been cycling on the roads?

p.s. the randomly generated words I have to type in prove to your blog my comments aren't from a spam machine make great fantasy names. That's the second one I'm having.

Starryeyed said...

Er, best not to bring that to her attention. Most of my journey is actually along the promenade by the sea which is very lovely. I'm only on the roads for about 20 minutes...

Ha ha, that's a good idea. Does this mean I'll be getting royalties from your novel once it's published??