Monday, 17 October 2011

Squirrels in the mist...

As I am now living 'out in the sticks' I'm going to take full advantage of  this to get closer to the local wildlife. It's autumn at last so there has been a lot of squirrel activity out in the communal gardens. These much maligned 'rats with big tails' are prolific, yet very shy and have a knack of knowing when you are about to photograph them. Nonetheless I have used my patience and guile to track some down for you. 

Note to any TV Execs reading this -  I am available for BBC Wildlife shows if Sir David is busy with other stuff.

My Squirrel hideout

Squirrels are masters of disguise

A 'look out' squirrel pops out before the day begins to check for danger

In the trees, in the bushes, these shy creatures lurk looking for unsuspecting nuts...

A flock of wild Dorset pigeons were alarmed by my clumsy entrance onto the 'hideout' and took to the skies

Oh squirrels in the mist, one day I will be your trusted friend.


nowondiversion said...

You're nuts...geddit?

Starryeyed said...

Yep - nutty as squirrel poo!!