Saturday, 25 June 2011

Belated Birthday Loot!!!

My birthday is in April but as I was away on holiday at the time, the Welsh girls wisely decided to hang onto my birthday pressies until I returned. They then forgot about them (as did I) until they stumbled upon them during a tidy-up. What a lovely surprise I had this morning when the postie handed over the package. I LOVE surprise gifts.  I also LOVE the fact that I received so many sheep related items (I didn't realise my farm animal obsession was so well known...).   The little package in front of the Sheep tea cosy (in the top picture) is a Welsh chocolate dragon. I had already gobbled down half of it before I had the bright idea of taking a photo of my lovely gifts. A big THANK YOU to the Welsh girls and also to KK.  XXXX

p.s. Do I really have to share the gold bunnies with Dr. X??
p.p.s The Swiss cows are starting to feel threatened by the competition.

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