Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I (don't) hate Monday!

This week-end I had to work on Saturday, so as compensation I took the Monday off as leave. There's something very decadent about taking a work day as holiday when most people are at work. I say most, but in reality as I live in a sea-side town and we are edging into the busy tourist season, I found that lots of other people were having a day off too. There was no other choice but to go for a wander to the beach and see what the sea was up to. Would you like a peep at some photos?

There's a heavenly scent of gorse and other floral type things on the cliff tops

Miles and miles of golden sand...

The sea and sky pull off the moody metallic look so well

The ice cream shack was closed!! Outrageous.

Surf's up!

Ship Ahoy!

Look at the tentacles on this beastie.

Ouch - that's gonna hurt...

I wondered where I'd left my bikini.

I wasn't hardy enough to swim.

What do you like to do on your days off? xxx

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