Saturday, 11 June 2011

Kingston Lacey

The grand house of Kingston Lacey

Bloomin' flowers everywhere!

This contraption was in the laundry room, er, I'm not sure what it was for...

I hung around awhile to see if Mr Darcy would come for his jodhpurs...

Please have my ball dress ready for tomorrow.

Ouch, imagine having to wears these metal shoes whilst working.

Kingston Lacey has amazing art work eveywhere

I would love to blog from this desk!

The children's room - decorated like a tent.

Dr X and I are members of the National Trust and like to visit as many properties as possible. We've been to Kingston Lacey a few times now as it is one of our local properties. There is always so much to see, the grounds are spectacular, the inside of the house is sumptuous and no visit is complete without a visit to the gift shop. A happy way to spend a few hours, whether it's sunny or raining. xx

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