Saturday, 25 June 2011

Mean Girls

The Swiss cows texted me when I was at work on Thursday to say they wanted to watch a movie with Lindsey Lohan in. They'd enjoyed her work in Freaky Friday and wanted to see what else she had acted in. I dutifully visited Blockbusters on my way home (you can get five old movies for £5 and keep them for 7 days - a bargain!) and picked up Mean Girls. Written and directed by Tina Le Fey I was sure it would have high comedic value and bring back some memories of my own high school days.  The film delivers on the title. I'm glad my high school days are over, even though they were tame in comparison to this film.
Mama Swiss Cow was glad that she went to finishing school in Switzerland. "Everyone was very dignified there", she sniffed, swishing her tail in displeasure at 'the plastics' clique of girls in the film.

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