Sunday, 22 January 2012

Good eggs on the web this week

I've enjoyed the following this week:
Marmite Lover's post about Mrs Thatcher: Prudent Housekeeper
Tales of a Shop Dog - is this the most self-centred (yet adorable lurcher) ever?
Feeling the winter blues? Get some Florida sunshine through these amazing flower & citrus arrangements
I totally relate to this Haunted House
In awe (and slightly scared) of this fast shooting Russian archery lady
My money's on the kangaroo...
Greetings to the Scotts for Rabbie Burns' night (celebrated on 25th January) - is your luve a red red rose?
I would be happy living in any of these cabins (big sigh)
And finally, isn't this story about the Mysterious Paper Sculptures which appeared in Edinburgh magical?

Have a good week. Peace be with you. xxx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice shooting. The British made mincemeat of the French in the Middle Ages with shooting like that - don't tell Dr X.