Sunday, 22 January 2012

Just a January week-end

Isn't this the cutest mini camper-van?

One day that will be me jogging along the beach 

A brave windsurfer forges through the choppy waves

Hi Dr X! Don't start lunch without me!!

Storm clouds gathering

Lunch in Harvey on the cliff top  
2 boys get ready to take their windsurfs out

Little Basil meet Big Basil (hurry up & grow Little Basil!)

Love the care and attention this lady has made with her beach hut (named My Haven) - she even has colour co-ordinated flowers outside!

Can you believe this is January? It's so warm down here.

Blowing bubbles
Love this vintage artwork along the promenade

Schwooosh! (please imagine your own sound effects)
Aah, a fresh brew and cinnamon bun to round off the afternoon. Simple pleasures.

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Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence about sporks.