Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ooo Arrr, Cornish Pasties by Dr X!

The ingredients are assembled

Ready for the hot place...

Just before the tomato sauce is added!
Being pretty obsessed with all things Cornish (apart from stories about mining...) I have a love of pasties and try to eat one about once a week. Our local deli offers some very nice home-made ones and failing that, Waitrose have some quite good ones, but none compare to the ones you can find in little pasty shops around the Cornish coast. Picking up the challenge, Dr X declared that he would make some pasties for us this week-end. He followed the recipe from the Hairy Bikers but substituted Cornish Davidstow cheese for beef (I'm a veggie) and Cornish clotted cream for butter. I would have taken some photos during the preparation phases but was ordered out of the kitchen - apparently I get in the way or something (as if). The result? Pretty darn delicious!! You don't have to be Cornish to enjoy these tasty treats, me 'andsome...I can smell the salty sea air from here. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

I swear that middle pasty has a face!!