Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weekly Round-Up

I'm always a bit downhearted when it gets to Sunday evening and I have to face the working week ahead, but I'm also pleased to report that I had a lovely peaceful week-end - Dr X came home (yay!!), the sun shone, the sea was amazing (flat one minute, roaring waves the next), I pottered along the promenade smiling at ladies out jogging with their faithful hounds, had my hair cut (I always do this after I've been growing it long for a while) and I found the cutest pressie in the Early Learning Centre for my God daughter's birthday called the Egg & Spoon Race.  It was even half price (ssh, don't tell anyone).  I feel very lucky indeed to be living in such a lovely part of the world and have so many blessings. In order to protract the week-end feeling a little bit longer, here are some things I found around the web which warmed my heart:

Lucy, from Attic 24, always writes the sweetest blog posts about her family life and crafty projects up in Yorkshire;
Very Important Pandas go to Paris for a romantic week-end!
I'd love to visit this bookshop in Toronto - wonder if my books do this when I'm not there...
I love Nao and Artemis' Camper van tales;
Nora regretted her seasonal over indulgence - Little Doodles are just so fab!
Yes please to this Garage Mini-House and Cork planter book-ends;
Awww, Kitten Origami - who doesn't need this?
Beautiful frosty weather photos;

Finally, my love affair with all things Taylor Swift continues - just love her OURS music video:

Hope you had a lovely week-end and best wishes for next week xoxo

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