Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wild Swimming

Mama Cow refused to go swimming without a life vest and constant attendance from life-guards
I'm currently browsing through this delightful book which shows you all the best places to carry out wild swimming around the coast of the UK.  This book is more than just your usual guide book, you also get amazing photographs and beautifully romantic descriptions, such as this one for Flamborough Head on p.171:

"An ancient earth wall and ditch still leads down through woody glades to the sheltered, chalk-pebbled beach at Danes Dyke - a relic of King Ida's Viking invasion of the seventh century." 

Who can resist such poetry? The chances of me actually going swimming at this time of year are pretty much nil, but I like to think that there are so many options out there should I so choose. 

I've also been following Sophie's lovely blog about wild swimming, which she crazily does all year, have a look here: Devon Dispatches.

We're nearly mid week you know - keep going! xx

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